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Jun 29, 2012
Brattleboro, vt
I will port ur engine for 125. That includes cleaning all casing flaws and opening the intake and exhaust ports. I currently only have the race logic templates so if u want something different just contact me and we can plan ahead.

Here is a link to my work

race logic porting
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How do we know your any good ? Must people have to have trust in you and your skills to use your service.

If you want a pros opinion on my work take a look at my thread, ken from occonner racing saw my work first had when I sent him my cylinder fore a bore n piston n he posted what he thought of it here, http://www.blasterforum.com/engine-13/diy-racelogic-porting-54600/index9.html

As far as results I only have my own test so far and I am really impressed with the power that the porting delivered. 1-4 gears lifts my tires up each time. I don't use more then 1/2-3/4 throttle now cause there is just so much more punch to it where before the port work it seemed that I was always pegging it just to get it going.

If some wants to donate a test cylinder I'll port it n send it to someone for another review.

Also if anyone has tried to pm me I apologise cause my inbox was full and I wasn't able to receive new PM's but that is now fixed.
I will donate my current cylinder

If you want me to, i can test your porting. Would also get you more reputation towards porting others, they wont just take the sellers word...

write review etc. If its good i will spread the word I:I
Haha I don't think he meant he will port your cylinder for free and send it back to you ... I think he meant if someone wants to donate a cylinder he will port it and send it to another professional builder, or someone reputable to give feedback !
Funny thing is I never said free lol. Untill my work gets known ill work with people n make deals n trades for porting. Ive already got one coming to me soonso there will be an un bias review done eventually.