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  • I used skype for messaging, like we are doing right now, except its not visible to everyone else, and its faster.

    I have nothing to do so i get to sit on the computer all day :p
    Stock is never the way to go I:I

    Next summer i would like to do some racing with my blaster, i will have my license then.
    After i get my cylinder back it will be a pretty good race quad.

    Cars are cool and fun, but i think a truck is where its at... I think i will tell my dad i want his ranger (something in the clutch lines went out) it has 300k, but we just call it "broke in"
    Blasters fit perfect in them too :D

    Do you ever work on blasters?

    How steady is the work?

    lol, do you have skype? its easier to talk on there
    Download Skype on your computer - Mac, Windows, Linux - Skype

    89, giz and I all have skype. We just message back and forth, although 89 likes videos of my blaster :p
    I like the older trucks more than any others, more reliable too, any make.

    I was looking at blasterfreek's page trying to figure out what i needed to cut off to install the case saver.
    Then i drifted over some other peoples and saw you say you were 16 I:I

    tbh though, that pretty cool that you have your own shop at your age...

    My brother just started construction this summer, last week they worked on a guys house that used to be a mechanic or something somewhere big. The company wants him to pick up his tools, he told my brother the fork lift cant even lift his tool box. All snap-on tools, and a $15k snap-on tool box... I sure would love to have that lol. Said it would fill his whole garage, i said we should ask for it :D

    I would like to have an older bmw 318 or 325i. But i figure im either getting my dads ranger, or the money from it...
    Yeh, my dream is a 98-01 cummins 12valve. Easiest cummins to mod. Very easy to get double HP

    Whats your current ride? I just found out you are 17. . .
    We put a bulldog chip in the ford, only had it on low setting unless pulling, then its high.

    As for the dodge, new ones are sh*t. We have a 2001. Edge ripsaw chip.

    New dodges have bad engines anyhow, the only good ones are little bit older cummins
    Ohh. Lol. I have. 2 race vids up AND one glorified one.
    Youtubr is
    I ONLY GOT my first 2 races up there.
    Lol yea I was exactly dead. Andy working on it both Saturday and Sunday dident help. Lol. well live and learn.
    EXACTLY! lmao the night before practice, i stayed up until 2:00am bidding on shocks.... AND I DIDENT WIN :'(
    that and a bit of humiliation.... lol last race i almost got lapped. but i was ridisciously tired, and i blew my motor at practice, along with a lot of electrical and reed problems.
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