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  • It's a j- arm one? I'm still looking for one, nothing has popped up yet. My blaster will be finished soon. Most of my parts to finish the bottom end will be here tomorrow. I'm excited to see what it will do
    I put the seals in. I haven't tried to run a die on the threads yet. I might try that first. If not, I'm splitting the cases and doing a complete overhaul. The stator is screwed too. I have a bid on one on ebay now. It will work out eventually, just will take time.
    What kind of piston are you planning on getting? If you want that piston bad, go out after school or work and do some odd jobs. Clean gutters, sweep driveways, wash cars, rake leaves etc. Im sure you can find some old lady that needs something done that she would be more than happy to pay you for! You can make the cash. Ive learned in my life that you can always make money, just have to find a way and have the desire to want to do so! Trust me, if you ask around and look, you'll have more than enough money buy Sunday Evening!
    Im going to keep them. They look cool, and I got them Cheap. Maybe one day It will have a fmf pipe to go with the Powercore2 Silencer i have. I'm seriously thinking about moving my Blue 05 Motor over to the white 06 roller. That white bike is just too clean,nice, and tight not to make it my main rider. Sad thing is its totally ready for a motor. Everything else is done and waiting!
    Glad you like the pics. The White one isn't going to be moving anytime soon. I discovered today I messed up the first thread on the crank when I took off my flywheel on the white motor. Im going to rip it all down over the winter now. Good after work project.
    Any new news on your blaster? I got a flywheel coming this week. Just need a stator and more time!! Like the new profile pic? I figured the pic of my old 400ex on a blaster site was wrong.
    Thats good. Your one step closer. I found a package deal blaster today for $400 1-non runner, 1 rolling frame, 2 motors, and a box of parts. If I go buy that my wife will kill me. Its all 03-06 too. I'm ordering some parts for the new 06 I got now. Its really cleaned up good, and is in damn good shape. Im going to take some pics of it later today.
    If you end up needing a motor let me know. I still have one. My latest build is on hold....bad crank seals..plus I got sick today. So who knows when I'll get to it
    Do you realize how annoying you are?

    I will answer when i feel like it -_-

    Yes i did get them, they are nice, but i think if you really did use a toothpick, you would have gotton more out.

    I think they are smooth enough, i will see if a ton of dirt sticks in them, if so, i will sand it with 800 to clean and then 1000 for smoothness
    For one i figured you gave me the wrong number.

    Two, you said it would be here today (tuesday) at the latest, and mail never goes past its date... usually before
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