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  • ill send it as soon as i can my dad told me that i had to put the startor back on our mower befor i can send it witch if it stops raining ill have it done tonight
    Frankin.....yeah it came like that but when I git it the lights weren't working do to a low voltage problem in my wiring somewhere so I bypassed the switch n I'm using the key as the switch. I'm only running one right now till I get a high output lighting coil for it.
    love your hood with the 2 lights in it like a 400ex ive been pondering on this wondering if it could be done. now i see it and i have to forsure do it thanks bud
    Should be there by now, lemme know. If not, I'll call post office. Lol, I did send it in just a regular envelope. Maybe they didn't like that! Ha!
    I haven't seen it yet but its OK cause I am in the process of painting it n have to do a lot of other things to do to it any ways n I'm waiting on a jet kit too.
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