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  • Hey bro I appreciate you taking the time to get the clutch basket ready, but i had put an offer on one before I talked to you. I low balled it and didn't expect to get it. I just got confirmation I did, sorry for all the hustle, I may be in contact for other parts though.

    Thanks, tin
    Well I haven't seen an email from you so here is my address.

    Arnold Clarke
    1948 creamery rd
    Guilford ct 05301

    Let me know when you got it so I can delete this post
    Hey I sent you n email the other day, if you respond to it I'll send you my address so u can send me your cylinder and the carb.I'll take the carb as a trade for the work
    Hey man I got ur pm but I can't reply to it, Idk why but it won't let me. I am up for making a deal. Do u have any ban see hubs to go with that carb?
    You looking for DG pipe? I got my old one still, i am planning on selling it, just havent gotton around to it
    Why is every time i see your sig pic of that quad appeal to me??? I really really really like the look of that guad.... why??? I don't know, i just do..
    I've never seen one like that before.. whoever made it looks like they did a good job.. is it steal it aluminum. I'm on a small screen thingy i can't really zoom in n see if there is rust or not.. either way it's sweet. N if it is aluminum want to sell it? Cus if it is custom made and aluminum that's not very easy to weld at all.. some caps on the ends would look sweet..
    What kind of front bumper is that? I like it. Looks like a good spot to shoot bottle rockets from too,, not that I'm telling you to do that.. lol
    best clutch kit available IMO, at 1/2 the cost of the kevlar barnetts, read the testing they do down the bottom of the ebay ad.........

    Yamaha Blaster Big Bore Stroker Heavy Duty Clutch Kit | eBay
    my grandma has a 8yr old minature dachsound or however you spell it weenerdog i have a 1 year old american bulldog
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