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  • New front and rear tires on the blaster now, put a 6mm pipe spacer on the cr80, it needs a water pump (leaking), and a rear tire.
    Blaster is running well, new HD clutch, 20x10-8 Holeshots, CR80 is rideable and I am watching for any possible issues.
    All the other non-KOR related parts showed up, all together and mostly tuned in. Little motor sounds quite Nasty.
    KOR Machined topend arrived today, it's a thing of beauty. Now if only the parts I ordered before I sent the top off to KOR would show up..
    Pistons here, bottom is done waiting on $ for machine work.....Getting closer and none too soon, my youngest is running and making the sound
    Waiting on piston, I gotta finish porting then to KOR, for rechamber and .020 over boring. Then back together and briiinnng dingdingding
    Motor tore down cases split, crank pulled, waiting on main bearings then the bottom end can go back together
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