Looking good so far I:I

Should get a stock base gasket and match the ports to it. Did you open the ex to match inside dia of the gasket?

I tapered the transfers a little steeper when I did mine, doesn't neck down as quickly.
I did find an OEM base gasket so I will be port matching it. I still have some work to do yet. I am not completely done with the transfers or the exhaust port. Just showing the progress as I go n I did open the exhaust to match the gasket.
I sent it through the post office. Last time I shipped something ups it took almost three weeks to get there and it cost me 38.00 where through the post office it was about 15.00
The intake tract should be smooth , without blemishes but not highly polished.

The windows look like they have irregular edges, and the upper edges seem to have some pock marks.

The surface should be uniformly smooth (to aid air flow) with a matt finish (to hinder fuel beading).
im gonna take the cylinder to the shop hopefully tomorrow and have it honed so hopefully next week ill have all of the heat cycles done and be riding it
ok got my cylinder back today and im surprised it only cost 5 bucks to get it honed should be running tomorrow I plan on taking it to the shop at our school and putting it tighter any ideas on jetting