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  • Ken I'm gonna send a whole bottom end, need all new seals and bearings, cases trenches for a +4 hot rods crank "will be sent in with bottom end" shift star mod , and anything else you recommend. Just looking for a rough estimate,, thanks Ken !!
    I'm only selling the cranks if I do the engine. Way too many things can go wrong during the set-up and assembly. I'm thinking around $1700 - $2200 for the engines.
    Also I have a small hole in the case where the chain came of I assume that needs welded
    Hey Ken. I'm a newb and unfortunately need your help. Seen a lot of your vids and don't know who else to trust with my motor. I've seen ur website prices but they don't include parts. What am I lookin at for a top end rebuild and crankcase rebuild. Hopefully my crank itself is fine, I just have an oil leak and I'd like all new bearings and seals. As for other parts (piston and such) I'll take whatever is cheapest that you approve of. Just need a number to start saving for, will prob b awhile b4 I get it to you. Gonna have to save up just for shipping lol
    Boss man, went riding at Majestic Trails in PA yesterday. I am still so impressed with the power you got out of that motor. Just amazing it continues to impress.
    hey there Ken O'Connor racing I was just wondering if you can answer a question for me. I am changing the oil in the blaster I just picked up I was wondering what you recommend to use to put back in. thank you Ken and tell everybody I said hello
    I am a new member so i cant post in the wanted section yet. I have a cylinder i would be willing to trade but i really need a head pipe. is that something you could work out. i also have a cylinder that needs to be sleeved if thats any good to you
    How hard is it to make those bushings and what machine did u use , just curious , and for some reason it won't let me buy the bushings and bolt
    Hey Ken, have you ever thought about making some bushings for the bottom shock mount of these 400ex, 450r, Z400 shocks? I am a new adopter of the Z400 shock and I really don't like how the bottom mount just rides on the pin freely. Anyway, just thought I'd ask.
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