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  • Hey do you go to awks annual ride? If so do you swing through lower N.Y Hudson valley area? If so id like to go i just need a lift,,i have a trailer n a few quads just no way to tow them right now.. if not no biggie, just checking..
    Whats up my brotha Mike, we HAVE to get out and ride next nice day we get ( if that ever comes ). This winter has been pretty harsh, especially when compared to the last 2 mild winters we had. The job has been going pretty good, I miss the 20+ hours of overtime pay from the old job but its nice to have more time to spend with the family only working 40 hours and I love having my weekends off ! Hows everything goin with you, anything new ?
    Oh nice man, I'm down to do some riding soon ! I started a new job like 2 months ago, Im working 7:30 a.m. to 4 Monday through Friday so I have a lot more free time compared to the other job. I was planning on doin some riding Friday when i get out of work, the weathers supposed to be dry and not too cold so I want to take advantage ... We should hook up if your not busy !
    How've you been brother, long time no talk or ride. I'm finally settled into the new house, I got some nice trails to ride that I can easily get to on the blaster ... The other day I rode from Lee Rd. in gates all the way to union/259 in spencerport, I've heard from a few people that you can take them trails all the way to Hilton and even brockport. I'll have to have you over sometime so we can go tear it up and you can check out the new place ! Also I never heard back from you about doin your motor, let me know if and when you wanna borrow my case splitter and crank installer tools ... Or any tool that you could use for that matter. I'll talk to you soon bro, tell the boy I said what's up.
    Just got your message from about a month ago, I don't get on here much anymore because I'm so stinking busy. Anyhow, anytime you're ready to head out to Tall Pines when the reopen after the new year, give me a holler. Seeing how I don't ride snowmobiles, I'm hoping we don't get too much snow this year. :D Anyhow, sorry I missed your message. Talk to ya later. EZRider
    Hey Mike, Gene here .
    I haven't contacted you because :
    My hard drive crashed & wasn't backed up & I lost ALL my Infr
    & 3 weeks later My Phone (&all numbers) was stolen out of my tractor @ work
    Gimmie a buzz when you get a chance
    nice save, i once used one of my lug nuts on a banshee lower ball joint, LOL
    damn, better go over every nut and bolt, my billet aluminum rad carrier is toast, it was fine before the ride :)
    i saw your comment in the helmet thread, and responded :):):)
    That's fine. Just figured seeing how there is going to be about 150-200 machines/people there and I was going, I'd let ya know.
    Hey man, there is a ride this weekend at Tall Pines. If you're coming down, let me know and I'll meet up with you. It is going to be busy, but will be a great time to go ride. I will try posting something on the WNY ATV Riders sight too if I can remember tonight. I'm planning on going up to the park early, like around 8 or 9 and riding all day or until I can't take it anymore.
    hey bro, i see you messaged boomage about AWR IV,
    you ever hear back from him ????
    what happened to 250x and the 19 riders he claimed was coming ????
    i'm about to call wayne unless you know sumthin ????
    Hey man, I got your message, worked out pretty good actually as things kinda fell apart for me this morning....Outty is being a PITA for filling the coolant, the Blaster is just not letting me tune the carb and I had to take my bike to get inspected this morning and even though it passed inpsection, it's gonna cost me some money in a couple weeks. When it rains it pours. Anyhow, next weekend isn't going to work out as a bunch of us are going camping/riding for the weekend down at Ski Denton, but I am off of work the entire week of the 4th. I'm not going to make it to Warsaw tomorrow either, as I'm not really sure where you're riding at in Warsaw and I've got a lot of housework to catch up on, unfortunately. Keep me posted of the rides and I'll let you know if I'll be able to make them. TTYL
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