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  • I finally made it out to tall pines last weekend. Got up early sunday and went out by myself. They got some really good trails, and you are right about all of the mud. We will have to hook up some time before the snow falls.
    Not to sure about saturday. I have a party on sunday I have to get ready for. I will have to see how much I get finished today.
    Well I got my ride back together have not tested it out with a ride yet. Not sure what your plans are for saturday, but me and my son would like to get the guided tour of Tall Pines.
    My son and I rode with JBRroc01 this saturday evening till my stator quit on me. Don't need to worry about leaving the boy behind on his Predator he has skills and that bike rips. Not too sure what is up for this saturday 250x is talking about having a ride in Warsaw. But I am very interested in coming down to Tall pines.
    Looking forward to it. I was out to 250x's today riding so maybe tommorow we will stay close to home. Talk to you later in the week.
    Ok keep me posted. If not we can try again the following weekend, but I would like to check out Tall Pines.
    I was only going to go down there to meet up with another Blaster forum brother. Now that my son sees that they have a MX track he is all about it. I was going to try and be there by ten.
    I will be riding my Blaster and my son has a 90cc Predator. I am going to ask JBRrochester01 if he wants to come along also. If this weekend is no good it is cool we can try for another time.
    Whats your weekend looking like? I was thinking about heading down to Tall pines on sunday with my son, you got any plans?
    I will have to check it out later, I need to hit the hay. Celebrated a little more than I planned last night. I appreciate the tips and details though. I'll catch up with ya later. Thanks.
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