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  • Whats up Justin? Hows the new job doing? I cant wait for the weather to break or at least get out of the twentys. I got the itch to ride real bad.
    damn, i was just at cernics suzuki yesterday and meant to order 10 more of them, got to talkin to someone and forgot, i'll call today and get some ordered, then holler when they come in, prolly early next week.
    We are doing good. I went out to the spot in Gates the other day and was thinking about you. Glad to hear you are settled into the house. I would like to hook up for a ride it has been too long since we got out. I am holding off on doing the motor till after the holidays, just gonna patch it up for now.
    Why for you choose to befriend me, I am happy to confirm you as a friend, but I need to know why. re Gerry.
    I did not purchase this new , I traded parts for it , Got it from SiCivicDude , Great guy and helps allot of people out on here !
    Nicee that's good to hear man ! I'm tied up most of the weekend, my girlfriends got work 11-7 Saturday and 10-5 Sunday. I'm down for some night ridin or we can go Sunday after 5 and hit up some local spots and still get some good hours in. There's that one other place we havnt went to yet that I think you'd really like, and its only 10-15 minutes from my house. Just let me know if and what day/time will work for you and well figure somethin out and go tear some stuff up !
    Hey man, I was talking with bummer981 a couple weeks ago about riding at Tall Pines, I live down in the Souther Tier, and he mentioned about calling you up and seeing if you wanted to go. Weather pending, I may be going up this weekend. I was there last weekend for a test ride on the Blaster and all went ok, so we might be going back. She is learning to ride it, first time on a quad, and it is supposed to be hers, so she wants seat time. She doesn't go fast, she's not that comfortable yet, but it's still a good time. Let me know if you're in, tentatively, and we will see what she wants to do for sure.
    Castor oil made by Maxima, its kind of expensive but its good stuff ! And like we were talkin about when we went ridin ... IT SMELLS AWESOME haha.
    Hey what kind of oil were you running in your Blaster? you told me but I already forgot.
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