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  • ya man only one side needs nets, someone cut em with a razor...they also need disassembled check my sig for a pic of em
    i found the micrometers when my dad gets home ill get him to read them and see what he says
    No I came on here to learn more about bike I just figured I throw something up and it's not my business it's my buddys I was just trying to help him out
    just talked to my dad and he said that were gonna mick the piston and after we get it mesured ill let you know what is says because i dont wand to send you a part that is already worn out
    You keep leaving me bad rep and I will make it war tough guy.Stop being a nut hugger and worry about yourself and not your fellow nut huggers.Been on this forum for many of years and get no bad rep besides the Saw,Chisel,Destroy,nut huggers who think they are great. Last warning sister!!!
    shipping today for sure, sorry man i was real busy yesterday didnt make it to the post office. but i do have everything here ready to go.
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