new T-Rock Swingarm

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Glad you're happy with it Awk. We've been selling quite a few of them. I've got enough confidence in these arms to guarantee them for life against any damage no matter what the circumstances are.

you know me, if it can be broken, i would have already done it,
i trust my life with it on the roughest sh*t around and the biggest jumps i can find, and thats PRICELESS !!!!!!!!!!
Glad you're happy with it Awk. We've been selling quite a few of them. I've got enough confidence in these arms to guarantee them for life against any damage no matter what the circumstances are.

Lifetime guarantee! No questions? Now that is worth paying for! I:I

I wouldn't expect anything less for KOR!
that's what a good custom built swinger is going to cost. period. and that's an EXCELLENT price on one.
that's actually priced really good comparsion towds asr an lonestar for a good swinger

exactly.......cheaper than new + a-arms, neither of which i'd cheap out on and risk my life, this ain't no joke here where i ride
oo god thats alot for just a swinger

God forbid you spend a few bucks on a quality swingarm when you can get some elcheapo chinese crap off of fleabay and save a few bucks. I mean it's only a swingarm, it's not like it holds the wheels on or anything
Those few bucks you save will go a looong way towards your hospital bills when it breaks
Its $150 more than the ones on flebay.(with bearings n seals) People forget that they are spending the first $250 regardless of what they are getting.You are getting ALOT for $150 IMHO! If your spending $250 why in the world would you bawk at the $150 more for such a high end piece!!! These things are night and day in the differences!! But thats just me! Look at my user name!! LOL Oh well!!! "Speed cost money! How fast you wanna go$$?!!"
He can use that extra money he saved to pay the bill for getting his swing arm removed from up in his ass after landing that big

in my honest opinion this applies to cheaping out with a hacked together extended stock arm, not the strongest to begin with, but hey, that stamped steel is held together with good strong material and ground down welds to look pretty.
the extended stocker on my sons is one of the nicest home brews i've ever seen, with nice, untouched welds, that can be seen thru the powder coating.
and i do not jump that bike more than a few feet off the ground, just not worth funding some proctologist kids college fund
We haven't made a long travel yet but we have it mapped out. I'm still thinking that a Banshee rear shock and linkage is the way to go. It looks doable unless I'm missing something. I'm pretty sure all we have to do is relocate the shock mount to accept the linkage and weld taps on the back of the frame to lock in the front. The swinger I've been running for the last two years is the prototype of the T-Rock. I've had no issues. I never sold my Blaster ($3300 was too much I guess) so I think we're going to give the Banshee set-up a shot this winter. I know Tarmo is up for it. Let's see if I can get Ian and Dave to spin some wrenches and make this happen.
Not at all too much for a swinger and I wish they were being made at the time I bought mine. If you consider an ASR is 650, Janssen is 6-7, Racesin is 6 without carrier. LSR is 7-9 depending where you buy. The only cheaper swing is a swingarm shop ... I have one and will tell you how bad it sucks and the PC started flaking after a few rides. You get what you pay for but just by looks and reviews a KOR would be my first choice for replacement.
oo god thats alot for just a swinger
not trying to get into anything here, but those prices are unbelievable. I know what it takes to build a jig to set up a swingarm build for proper tollerances. They are giving these away! If that is too much for a new and WELL built swinger then friend you are in the wrong hobby. My son bent a stock swinger by almost 1/2 inch side to side, the left rear wheel was 3" off the ground and the right one touching. I have to believe anyone who rides hard is foolish to extend a stocker as it has to weaken it even more. i would never let my kid ride one I dont care who builds it and what they try to say about it.(no offense to anyone making them this is my opinion) I waited until I could afford a good swinger and found a good deal. A Lonestar is $750-$900 and an ASR is over $600. That crap they sell on ebay from swingarm shop would be ok for a drag quad or duner but anyone hitting a track and catching air is foolish to use them. Remember they may only be $250 but when you break it and have to buy another one you could have been money ahead. Just addin my .02
It looks like most of the plate steel was cut using a waterjet or lazer cut. I used to run them great for prototype work. Swingarm looks super heavy duty and nice welds. What do you need such a heavy duty one for?? Racing?
What do you need such a heavy duty one for?? Racing?

bunch of reasons..........
sh*ts rough here, i don't 1/2 ass stuff, it's a very long walk home from some places i ride, safest/strongest swinger made, ect. ect.
what you see below is about 1/2 speed for me, and theres miles and miles of it, one of our members broke an ebay swinger here ......

heres another little rip through a trail of football to basketball sized rocks.......

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