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  • I have a stock bumper that is bent something fierce. Its pretty bad. But I have about everything else in good shape.
    no not yet my head is rechambered though, but yeah just get another stock one it looks good like that man
    keep your stock bumper! your blaster looks sick man, im actually tryig to make mine look like yours, that why I want that swinger lol
    thanks! And its just a stock swing arm with black powder coat :D
    it looks nice and hasnt worn at all. My arms are also powder coated, no wear either!
    i got ya bro, reps comin for the effort, when i'm allowed to give more, thanx for playing along !!!!!!
    Dude hmu we needs talk if u gonna race Monday text me or call me I needs figure something out dad couldn't get off work Sunday night and is gonna sleep til like 9 or 10 n we needs be there at like 730 or 8 for registration
    Well the people at the adoption center think he is no older than 2, based on the condition of his teeth. We are thinking about going to a vet and getting him aged there. The adoption program (11th Hour Rescue) found him on Bridges Road wandering around. They said he must of had a previous trainer because he listens so well. He knows basic commands, like Leave It, Sit, Lay Down, and Rollover. He responds to Samson very well and we have huge plans for him. He loves to give kisses too hahahahaha. Awesome, awesome dog. Gets along with our smaller dog well and he's doing great.
    Lol, its actually a boy. Hes doing great. We officially adopted him today. Hes awesome. Hes just a big smush lol. He loves everyone, loves toys, loves to swim. Awesome dog!!!
    you need that "snorkel" piece for them to run right, i tried mine without it, and it would not rev out ?
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