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  • Hi there
    In your tors removal thread where you are cutting the connectors off..
    Do you cut the one under the hood by the light off and splice that and also the other side that connects into the tors plug and splice that aswell?
    Sorry to drag up old news mate only just got my blaster
    What I mean is unplug the connector that runs to the tors system under the seat part...and cut and splice that aswell?

    Please could you help as It was playing up last time I went out on it cheers

    Hey man jw how does your dyno port fit on? Looking into getting one but seen alot of problems with fitting?
    Hey Beats just wanted to let you kno Im totally lovin the DMC exhaust!!! I like it better than my FMF setup I had on there!! Oh an the DIY you did on the tors delete is perfect!! Was a HUGE help 2 weeks ago when I did mine!!! Thanks so much for everything!!!
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