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  • Hey Blaner!
    As a partner in crime down in the dirty South of Africa I was hoping you could help me with some good local suppliers for after market parts? Do you use anyone in particular or on the net? As I am not staying in a big town/city the local guys tend to over charge wildly on anything you ask them for.
    Any help will be greatly appreciated!
    So, I was reading your thread on the 30mm oko. I'm having needle issues too. Where did you purchase a 'banshee' needle? Any help would be much appreciated, thanks!
    I found some stuff on YFZ450 shock lengths. The pre 09 models shocks eye to eye are 400mm and the mx and newer modes are a bit longer. So I thing I should try get old shocks which are 30mm longer then banshee shocks and make adapter plates to make them fit my bike. Will send you pics of my plan. Thanks for the help!
    Hey Blaner
    Hows the swing arm coming along? I need some help please. I have banshee shocks on my blaster with 3" American Star A-arms. The bandshee shock are two soft for my blaster because of all the leverage on the 3" longer a-arms. I have ripped my belly plate of twice now because the quads belly hits the ground when I do the smallest jumps. Cant go down 40deg + inclines because the nose just hits the dirt. I want to try fit YFZ450 shocks. Do you know the exact eye to eye length of the YFZ450 sock and are the eyes wider or narrower then a blaster shocks?
    Thanks for the info Bro.

    I have been messin with 2 strokes since the 50s when porting was almost a myth and the nearest thing to a pipe was just that, a tuned length of pipe coming out of the head.

    I have forgotten a lot of what I learned years ago, and the Forum is a blessing to me as it gets me back into study, and stops the old grey matter from wasting away.

    I cut my teeth porting the old Villiers engines made in England.

    I guess the basics are still the same, but my son needs to hear it from someone else other his father (you understand the rules of a teenager).

    He wants to port out his Blaster for low down and mid power for MX and I was looking for tips and tricks to help him.

    I am familiar with the 2 stroke tuners handbook, I have one (many thanks for the backup).

    It would be wonderful if you could forward at your convenience, some tricks and tips.

    Many thanks again Re Gerry ( alis Blaaster)
    hi from PA in USA, I just read ur yfz 450 front end swap post....all i can say is....wicked
    SO i can't get it outa my head, my questtion to u is i found some yfz 450's....but noticed a diff in the models,IE: cheap shocks w/no rezzies... does that model have the same legnth a- arm?
    hey, i didnt mod the nerfs at all, they are a locally made (south african) brand called airtime, they are very similar to tusks' nerfs, they just bolted right up
    it wasnt an easy job, takes lots of patience, read my stickied writeup in the susp. section.
    nah i dont think so, i use it for trails and it did catch me out a few times in the beginning with misjudging gaps between trees etc but i soon got used to it.
    hey, err im not sure off hand, but it is 16mm wider than a stock yfz, i will have to measure it again sometime
    The gnomme is for sale I left you a better pic,you may even want to buy it now.bahahahhahah
    Have you checked out
    South Africa's First And Only 2-Stroke Forum
    Yet some nice people there and decent help, and local spares
    did you see the roller i bought last week? Got a frame with out plastics and motor for R600. The guy needed money for booze! I just couldn't let it go!
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