new T-Rock Swingarm

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Jan 30, 2009
well, got my new +2 T-ROCK swingarm from tarmo at ken oconnor racing,
if you guys think kens pics looked awsome, you should see this in person,
we said grenade proof before, but looks nuclear war proof to me, the engineering and design the big astonian did on these is nothing short of amazing,
and the welds are the best i have seen,
i took some close up pics today, and threw my billet rad carrier in just to see, everything lines right up, even has bushings installed to make up for the carrier adjusters, the skid plate bolts right to the carrier ears, no extra tabs to bend, and the frame rails wrap almost the whole way around the pivot tubes for super strength, not just notched rails and a weld to hold it like most other brands
i have a g-force axle comin that should be here tomorrow or monday, then i get it on my bike with the new works ultra cross shock and get some more pics before i powder coat it.....................






That thing looks indestructible. How much does it weigh ? and what lenght did you go with ?
i'll tape off the sig, then clear coat it !!!!!!
just sent my brother in-law the pics he said it looks like sumthin out of a terminator movie, and that ken should have named them the "terminator"

ken weighed mine, it was only 2 pounds heavier than a swingarm shop +4, and believe he said in his thread it's 6lbs heavier than a stock swinger ????

and they are $350 bare, $400 with pivot bearings
and in my mind, worth every penny to know it isnt gonna possibly break like a $200 swingarm shop junk
ohh i see lol ! good luck with it man ! i always tought they tig welded swingers though! but damn then welds look sweet if i ever get a blasty i fo sho will get one
beefy for sure . Steep on price , but looks very tough . You'd have a hard time busting it for sure . When you guys broke that Swingarm Shop swinger , did they stand behind their guarentee and replace it?
i'd say the price point is dead on for how they're built and the materials/design. still about half the price of say an LSR
for some of us, safety has no price !!!!!
and blastard would have to ask blasterfreek if they replaced it for him, which i woulda turned around and put it right in ebay, to let it be someone else's worries while flying thru the air, thats the last thing i want on my mind when landing...............
is my swinger gonna break when i land, and are the emt's and chopper gonna find me in time, this time !!!!!
one breaking is one too many in my book
I'm gonna have to swing up to J-town and jack me a swinger!!! I am sooo jealous! Very nice indeed, all ya need now is a 1/4 plate for a guard and you be busting those boulders as you ride!
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