new T-Rock Swingarm

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kens getting to work on a 1/4 or 3/16th swinger plate !!!!!!!!!!

ps. the swinger's layin on my bench, in my unlocked garage,
just listen closely for that bow to go off,
then start lookin for the hole in yourself, hahahaaaaaaaa
Gotta love a new well built "swinger" ! :D

Looks sweet Joe.Now bolt that biotch up and give us a ride report or should I say rock
threw the rad carrier on the swinger and a stock axle in it just to get ken some final measurements on my bike, i insisted when he was building this, that my bike stay perfectly level, front to back, i didnt want it any lower, and sure didnt want it lookin like a trailer park 80's camaro on airshocks !!!!!!
so ken and i exchanged quite a few phone calls, and pics with measurements,
also this 400ex works ultra cross shock i have, is 1 inch longer than a stock 400ex shock, so tarmo had to fab this with that in mind
after throwing this all loosely together, i measured to my frame skid plate up front....
9 1/2 inches form the ground, does it surprise anyone that i have exactly 9 1/2 inches in the rear too, amazing perfection, considering he didnt even have my bike right there to fab off of
as for the fit of everything else, i may have room for a very thin washer on the shock mount, the carrier fell right into place and it fit perfectly into the frame and motor
this bad boy is spot on !!!!!
heres a few pics i snapped of it all just loosely in there, and right as i was cleaning up to come home.............the g-force axle shows up, that'll have to wait till i find a powder coater for this thing, and my new frame painted up

motoman to the rescue with postin pics for me below (thanx bro)\/\/\/\/\/
finally got the rest of my pics to upload showing how this all fits together perfectly..................



Any Time my Bro! We will hit the Tittie bar next time I'm there, I need some girl on girl action!!!

I couldn't get that picture out of my mind yesterday!
Hey AWK,

Hows that swinger holding up? It's been about a year (one riding season) and I know you have put that thing through hell on that mountain! How did it hold up? This is on my list of goodies, just luv the Tarmo welds those are some kick ass welds! Did you ever get it powdercoated? Who did it? I haven't bought the kit to do it yet so gonna need it done.
yep, one whole season of the roughest abuse known to mankind, not suprising there have been zero issues with the swinger itself, prolly the most solidly built piece on my whole bike, and luvin that i only went +2, just enuf to keep the front end down, unless i tell it not too. but way more nimble in the trails than my sons +4

would i spend that kinda money again...absolutely worth the piece of mind knowing it's the best built swinger bar none, $100 + change more then paying shipping both ways for someone to piece together a stock "sheet metal" arm, and still have used pivot bearings in it, or needing new seals after the PC oven fries the them

as for the powdercoating, we won't go there but to say it's flaking off already on the top, i'm afraid to look underneath
maybe gonna tear it off soon and have it professionally done before the bare metal starts to rust
Glad you're happy with it Awk. We've been selling quite a few of them. I've got enough confidence in these arms to guarantee them for life against any damage no matter what the circumstances are.
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