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  • holy sh*t i think i'm seein a ghost good to have ya back bro to bad you didnt have anyblaster parts left
    hey bro, still hangin in here, lets see some drag vids ????
    heard ya been doin good
    sounds good bro.p.m. me your number just in case.my pc blew up and so did my cell.lol Be good bro!!!!
    You know I would love to have it bro but I can't hide 3k from the wife.haha If you ever part it I would love to get in on some parts.It's worth every penny bro thats for sure.I would still have to rip it apart if I bought it cause I am not going to be shifting the same as you planned.lol I want to see that motor run bro.I hope it goes to good hands.Good luck on the sale. I appreciate the tank and brake hub.Let me know the total when you ship and I will send it over to you.Be good bro
    i forgot to get numbers but do know it was a ppg urethane with hardner added
    i'll write down the make and numbers of my paint today when we lay on the color and clear, so you can give me the lowdown on it, the paint dude said it was the toughest stuff he sales ?????
    went to pay tater and pick it up, and also drop off them lower a-arms and my pegs, but he hadn't brought it home from the pc dudes place, it was still too hot when he left late last nite, so i told him to just get the arms done and lemme know when i can pick them all up at the same time
    BTW, what the hell ever blue paint and green primer you used really sucked to get off the a-arms, which is good for you, that sh*t is tough, hopefully the epoxy self etching primer and paint i got for my frame is as good ????
    can you please let me know what you did to ship the plastics? I can't get a quote on an item that big from any company.
    hey dude i got the flywheel last week sometime, forgot to send ya a message saying i got it.. thanks again though, i appreciate it
    Free forum : DirtParadise
    This is a new OHV forum. There holding a weekly raffles giving away a $100. They will be holding one a Cheta Banshee top end. You get one entry in the $100 when you register and another if you give my name.
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