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  • Glad it worked out for ya & you're still around occasionally.
    Good to hear it went to someone who appreciates it!
    hey noober, been a while since I was on here. Last I knew you were going to sell your Blaster.... Hope you didn't have to!
    laughed my ass off when i saw this, and figured you would put it to good use............

    Hey sorry, so a 290 main jet should be ok?? I dont need anything else.. Oh and sorry I am trying to make sure I buy the right things cause I work on my own machines with all my own money.. I'm only 15 but good with quads
    2,989! That entitles me to a balloon, or something. And I thought my page got a lot of visits. LOL.
    yes they did, didnt watch all of the falc's game, but that may have been the best game the giants have played in a very long time, where the hell did that come from ???
    and i didnt even think the ill'ers were gonna make the playoffs, with all the starters we have injured, both starting running backs out, then 3 lineman out by the second quater, wtf !!!!
    and that last play would not have happened if our team leading tackler ryan clark didnt have sickle cell anemia and had palyed, but whateva, we need to draft some younger players who can stay healthy for a whole season
    Thanks noober. It was awesome yesterday. I rode the hardest 125 miles of trails I have ever seen in my life. I'm so sore haha.
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