Possibly getting a blaster


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Apr 7, 2007
Steelville, Mo
This guy wants to trade his blaster and his ttr 125 for my warrior and he may be bringing them over to chck out. What should i look for as far as problems go in a blaster? Ive never dealt with 2-strokes so i dont know much about them. Id just like to know some things i should check.
look for cracks in the blaster frame, see how the throttle response is, aks if he has rejeted if he added a pipe. i leave the rest of the stuff for the other members to tell you
Ask him all the mods he has done to it. Ask him if it has been wrecked. Look at frame to see how straight it is and check for cracks. Make sure it runs good.
Also see if he has bought an oil injection block off kit and if he hasn't tell him to give you $30 for one because they usually fail and its catastrophic to your engine (Bought an 03 Blaster brand new and it failed less then a year later had to rebuild engine)

And it should start in 1 or 2 kicks using the choke and if it doesn't somethings wrong
I was hardcore fan of the oil injector system (as premixing is a PITA) until mine took a dump and toasted my top end.

$160 later and 3 weeks of downtime, the injector can kiss my...