Is phragle still kickin around? He is the only one I know of that had a true long travel rear end. I Have questions.

May 11, 2024
as far as I know member phragle is the only one that’s ever built a true Baja blaster and even won the Baja 1000 on it. I’m in search of a long travel rear end. I want to long travel the front and want something in the rear to match and I can’t find any info on long travel rear ends for these. I know phragle got 15 inches of travel out of his 100% custom blaster. Anyone still have one of his rear ends floating around they would be willing to sell? As far as I know he is the only one that ever made a long travel rear end.

Or if anyone knows of any other aftermarket long travel rear end options??

A stock blaster travel rear end no matter what shock you put on it is still a rear end with hardly any travel…