1. Blaster200_117

    YFS250r concepts

    still looking for a rolling chassis and a donor bike for project YSF250r (a custom long travel yz250 swapped blaster). got bored and made a concept. I threw this together in about an hour so its sloppy and obviously not exact as this doesn't even have a motor and is on stock suspension. it is...
  2. Blaster200_117

    Is phragle still kickin around? He is the only one I know of that had a true long travel rear end. I Have questions.

    as far as I know member phragle is the only one that’s ever built a true Baja blaster and even won the Baja 1000 on it. I’m in search of a long travel rear end. I want to long travel the front and want something in the rear to match and I can’t find any info on long travel rear ends for these. I...