Handlebar Grips :: Brands and Colors

What Color?

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Apr 1, 2007
I'm getting new handlebar grips because mine are hard and worn to the bone. My Blaster is BLUE and my helmet is green. What color handlebar grips should I get??

Anyone know what the best brand is?

I'm attaching the images of the ones I'm looking at on some site. They look cool to me. I'm thinking bkue to match the ATV, but I dunno. What's your opinion? BTW these are Spider grips, apparently.

hey! my TAG grips look excatly the same as the spider except the black part on the spider grips, and the TAG grips are comfortable and they look cool! just saying
im kinda partial to the "oury' grips, they're thicker, softer, and absorb more vibration than any other ones i've tried
holy hell its grips.. get black ones so itll match no matter what i mean c'mon... haha