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  • That would be a cool project! A Kawasaki KZ (no matter what size) is a simple bike, and is easy to build. Ive been having problems finding parts for my bike, but all the normal-wear stuff is still available. Plus, these bikes run a parallel-twin engine. If you can't have a Harley, that parallel-twin exhaust note is the next best thing. Hopefully gonna have a mini-Triumph to enjoy when Im done. Lol
    Oh, dude those make gnarly bobbers. Yeah get a build thread up that'd be great. I might use a bobber as my auto project this year.
    Ah, yeah Ill try and get some pics up. My bobber is actually my winter project this year. I ran and rode it last year in stock form, and then decided to strip it down and turn it into a bobber for next spring. Look up 1987 Kawasaki KZ 305 LTD on Google pics, and you'll get an idea of what I started with. I may actually do a build thread on here for the bike, so everybody can see it come together. Stay tuned...
    I just read in your sig you have a bobber? You got any pictures of that up on here? I'm going pretty soon for my motorcycle permit, and i want to make myself a bobber/cafe racer project. So i've been looking for ideas.
    Usually insulators crack due to a physical hit...either if the plug gets dropped or it gets accidentally smacked while screwed into the head. Ive never seen a plug break or crack due to heat. They are built to wistand the high operating temps of running engines. That crack would explain the no-start condition, too. Most spark plugs with cracked insulators flash over and won't fire.
    hey bro, guess what? when i took the plug out of the saw the insulator was cracked?? what the hell causes that? too much heat? I haven't tried to fire it up yet however!
    bro has quadking replied back to you i didnt hear from him for about 4 days now wanted to buy his pipe and bore kit
    yo, you still got my # ???
    i got lawnmower troubles i could use some advice on ???
    call me if you can ???
    thanx bro
    hey man someone suggested i ask u about jetting. i have a 98 blaster ported polished 60 over no head shave yet everything that can be done and still run 93 octane gas. it has a fmf fatty gold frt pipe and a dg II silencer 1/2 reed spacer and boysen power reeds (will be getting the pro carbon fiber reeds soon). i have a 270 main jet in it now with the air box lid on and i run on the mx track. i toasted my piston this past sun its greyish all over it and pitted the top a little bit fouled the plug and stopped running. i had a 360 jet and no air box lid and it was way to rich when i gave it gas it bogged down bad. i have a deff 290 300 310 330 and possibly a 350 jet at home and a new piston on the way. which jet would u suggest me using id like to keep the air box lid on. im tired of fighting it lol. also what do u suggest on how to break on the new piston it is a numera high compression. any help would be greatly appreciated
    braap, you better get yo ass to bed !!!
    what time ya leaving in the morn ???
    how bout call me when you leave Gb's place, so i know to look out for ya in about 4/5 hours ??
    you got my number right ??
    Lol, hey even if I win there's always next month! Ive entered a couple times already and lost. Lol
    Lol, careful what you wish for! She's beautiful, but she's also a little over 300lbs. The top looks a little better than the bottom, if ya know what I mean.
    Best part is, my wife helped me with the build! If I could ever get her to bare a little of her DDD chest in a tank top in a pic with the Blaster, we'd have one great combination! :D
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