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  • I am new to this site.
    I have a 98 250 blaster and I am not getting spark/fire to the coil. I have disconnected tor and still can`t get fire from wire leading to the coil. It is a kick start so I am spinning it over with a drill with a socket on it. I do have 4- wires coming out of the cover on the engine but I only get fire from the yellow/red wire. Can you advice me in what I need to do?
    Hey man, just a quick question: In the bottom end rebuild video that you posted, I noticed that on the Macbook Pro you had a PDF open, was that the Blaster Service manual or one of the Workshop Manuals (From like a publisher like Haynes?)

    Nice video btw! I'm using them as reference while I determine why my Blaster will barely shift from 1st and Neutral but nothing else! At least I'll be able to rebuild it if all else fails!
    we got 400 acres across from my house the state lets us ride and silver lake you try out bundy hill yet??
    I have an 89, for the TORS removal is there any wires that need to be twisted together or eveything just unplugged? I read 15 pages and didn't find my answer. If it's done right I will get spark but is it still possible for the bike not to run right? Thanks
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