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Mar 30, 2019
So I’m thinking of completely rebuilding and redoing my blaster, with that I want to add the most power available while still keeping it as reliable as it can be. I’ve done some research and this seems to be the list of things I am gonna get to build the quad. Please put any input on your opinions on how the build will go and what parts you would put. All input is helpful even if it’s negative I want to make this blaster last a lifetime and have fun while doing it.
2004 Blaster
L.A. sleeve big bore kit
+3 mil stroker crank from Vito’s
Head killed and rechambered
Possible increase on timing (need help)
Driveline HD clutch
Would also like to add new suspension so if there’s any recommendations for that.
I just did the head mod on one of mine. Very impressed. Its .043 squish clearance with 40-45% (area/not diameter) with 22cc toroidal dome.. however its 180psi and needs race gas/mix rt now..gona carve it out to about 25-26cc and see if i can get off the high test(im poor lol).riding hills and woods alot. Im 250lbs and it has tons of low and mid. Haven’t been able to ring her out in the open tho.everything else is stock tho..pipe, jets, carb,air box.. im building another motor rt now that i want to be strong and reliable for the future. Case matched to cylinder ported polished exhaust, flow direction ported tranfers and intake with intake deep corners stuffed and shaped and gona do same head design.. rebuilt stock crank with .0007 runout. Hoping for around 28-30 reliable hp when done. Idk about the stroker cranks but i know you can make good power without them..what kind of terrain you on?