1. Blaster200_117

    Project YSF250r is a go! A Baja built yz250 swapped blaster.

    After much research I be decided to go ahead with project YSF250r I will be selling trx450 as soon as it’s fixed and buying a blaster. I am waiting until winter to fully start the build which will give me plenty of time to track down a cheap blaster rolling chassis or one with a blown motor in...
  2. L


    So I have a 95 blaster, it has a fmf full exhaust, foam filter with no lid. Everything else is stock. Runnning br8es plug, carb is stock only thing I did was change the main jet to a 270. And now it’s running weird. It idles good. Takes off good. But when I go WOT it’s like it hits rev limiter...
  3. J

    Big bore blaster

    So I’m thinking of completely rebuilding and redoing my blaster, with that I want to add the most power available while still keeping it as reliable as it can be. I’ve done some research and this seems to be the list of things I am gonna get to build the quad. Please put any input on your...
  4. I

    IT 400 blaster

    Building a blaster with an engine off an old Dirtbike I bought a couple years ago. 1979 yamaha it400 2 stroke. I got the motor out and very roughly dropped in. Looks like I’m going to have to cut the front motor mounts off the frame. Also the blaster engine was designed to have the swing arm...
  5. I

    Blaster banshee axle swap

    So I recently got a banshee axle and am putting it on my 01 blaster I also bought the rear brake hub and everything seems to be good but I’m unsure of this space between the brake hub and the carrier bearing is there supposed to be a space, also is that metal circle piece that originally covered...
  6. mbrown

    Ignition Coil

    Hi, I'm looking for an ignition coil for my 06 blaster, I'm thinking of buying Rick's Motorsport Ignition Coil so if you can give me some feedback that would be great. Or if you had another recommendation I'm all ears. I'm from Chile so I need a dealer that makes international shipments. These...
  7. J

    02 blaster full rebuild

    Just picked up 02 blaster need full rebuild cases are in good condition head is good cylinder probly needs to be bored over im wondering what should I about the cylinder and what Brands should I use for the rebuild and if there anything else I need right now I'm thinking sending the cylinder off...
  8. Hunter cruise

    Amateur rebuild

    Okay so i sent my cylinder off to get bored 40 over after i blew my blaster. but while i have everything tore down what other things do i have to do for the build as far as jetting it correctly? also what all can i do for power? new reeds, exhaust, head work, lightened flywheel? What is gonna...
  9. A

    Want to buy 2006 and 1988 Yamaha Blaster

    Looking to buy: 1988 Yamaha Blaster (Preferably with title) 2006 Yamaha Blaster (All original, mint condition with title) Send me info and pictures of what you have for sale. TIA Picture For Attention Can text me if easier 215-820-1388
  10. S

    Blaster or LTZ 400?

    Hey guys, I live in Germany and my budget is 4000€ So for that money I can get here a Yamaha Blaster 200 (with pipe+exhaust and a cold air intake) Or a Suzuki LTZ 400 (Stock) So my Problem is now that I don’t know what Quad to get. I’m totally in Love with 2 Strokes and their sound but I...
  11. C

    Clutch engagement problem

    So I recently redid the bearings and seals in my blaster engine and when I put it back together I went to test the clutch and it stays engaged and the bike acts like it is in neutral in all the gears. Also the clutch lever pulls the clutch arm but has no resistance and lever bearly retracts...
  12. tristan prokop

    1999 Yamaha blaster won’t move after rebuild

    Hello, I have a 1999 Yamaha blaster that just received a new top and bottom rebuild. New piston, cylinder head, crankshaft, bearings, transmission, clutches/basket, and new gaskets/jettings for the carb.Everything is jetted correctly and put back together, it has new transmission oil. A buddy...
  13. BlasterAdam

    Blaster head scarred

    So I just rebuilt my blaster with a new cylinder, wiseco piston and new sparkplug. It runs awesome and rips now but I did see that the top of the head is a bit scarred on top. Do u think I’ll be fine to keep it or should I invest in a new one? Thanks. I’ll try to post a picture of it
  14. B

    Blaster has blown up twice now, please help!

    Hello, i recently purchased an 03 blaster with airbox lid delete, stock expansion pipe, fmf slip on, highflo airfilter. i ran the quad for about 3-4 hours some long trips one fouled plug. purchased an FMF gold series expansion pipe, used, the kind with the bolt on flange, and spring to hold pipe...
  15. N

    Tuning help

    Hi all, I just bought a 2000 Blaster I could use some help with. I’m a little familiar with them as among my family we have a total of 4 blasters but this one is a little unique. One of the previous owners had put a brand new carburetor on it, and the guy I bought it from never really had time...
  16. R


    My clutch plates were stuck together so I took everything off and cleaned the plates and put them back on. Everything was back to normal the first night right after I put everything back together. Now when I let my clutch ALL THE WAY OUT my engine starts skipping and jerking the quad. Basically...
  17. tristan prokop

    1999 Yamaha blaster won’t start

    I’ve got a 99 blaster that sat for awhile at my buddies house, before it sat it ran perfect and usually started up on the first couple kicks. I took it out to my dads lodge to start it up and we tried for hours to get it to start with no success. It has aftermarket Toomey exhaust pipes, 310...
  18. C

    Yamaha blaster rear brake gear won’t move

    hey guys, I wasnt sure what to put this under since I couldn’t find brakes but I ordered a rear brake caliper (cable driven) and when it arrived it was frozen so I went in and unfroze it. It still didn’t work so I went on some forums and everyone’s saying to tighten the white gear on the top...
  19. Faakir

    New spec blaster heel guards fit old spec rear fenders??

    Hi I recently bought left and right heel gaurds from yamaha but it's the new spec heel guards. I have an old spec blaster. Will they fit?
  20. C

    Help blaster idles high.

    My blaster idles extremely high tellon start up. Before you just tell me to do a leak down I just did and it holds six psi for an hour with out dropping any. I had it running fine before the leak down but I am kinda new to jetting so I did a leak down test and it poured out the Reed boot. So I...