1. 2

    Blown Up?

    Hi all. I'm new to riding my blaster. It's an 04 deleted oil, deleted tors, I was ridding the other day when I heard a pop from under me. I figured a backfire. But it started running like 💩. Very low throttle response, bogging out and such. Cut out at a stop sign and won't start now. It was...
  2. J

    Big bore blaster

    So I’m thinking of completely rebuilding and redoing my blaster, with that I want to add the most power available while still keeping it as reliable as it can be. I’ve done some research and this seems to be the list of things I am gonna get to build the quad. Please put any input on your...
  3. lucknuts

    Bad break-in, bad piston?

    My buddy bought and put in a piston on my blaster while I’ve been busy with work. I rode it around for two full gas tanks somewhat easy with a dab extra 2stroke oil in the gas. It is still oil injected, no tors delete on it. He just said it’d be good for it. It was more than a few days of...