Tires, Tires, and More Tires...


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Apr 1, 2007
This is a thread where everyone can basically rate and post tires and share opinions. Let's see some tires!

I was just at Maxxis' website ( and found some good looking tires and same for American Racer.

But let's name some brands.
I don't know of every brand out there.

* Maxxis (
* American Racer (
* Bridgestone
* Dunlop
* Goodyear
* Kenda

I see lots of Douglas wheels with Maxxis tires on eBay.
I like the tires that aren't like the OEM rounded sides. I like the 400EX tire look and traction.
I'm a Kenda Klaw fan all the way.

I have Holeshots on my 250 and I hate them. They grip weird in corners, but dont grip enough straight line. When it comes time for anything rough or muddy, forget it. I will be putting klaws on soon enough.
klaws are pretty good they last as twice as long as itp holeshots, i have them on my blaster ever since i got it and i love them!
For the front, razr 2's are the best tire period. The traction they have is unmatched, and they're tough and will last forever.

Right now I have Cheng Shin/GBC shredders on the front, and they kinda suck. They'll be replaced by razr2's sometime. Had shredders on the back too, and they were horrible tires. The sidewall had ridiculous flex so they cornered like they were flat, even with 6 psi in them. They wore out real quick too.

The rear tires I have now are Interco Swamplites. They're more of a utility tire, but the traction is insane. Warriors aren't exactly wheelie machines because of the weight balance, and with mine widened it doesn't like to bicycyle very easily either, but in nearly any terrain, including wet grass and MUD, I can kick it sideways, pull back, and come out of it in a one-wheeled wheelie because the traction is so perfect. They'd probably be overkill on a blaster though, and they're heavy enough that carrying them around, you'd think I filled them with sand instead of air.

Sometime here, if I ever come to a point where my money isn't needed elsewhere, i'm getting a set of 20's on some new wheels so i'm not lugging around these heavy swamplites everywhere. People just look at you funny when you roll up to an mx track with inch deep lugs. I haven't decided yet, but i'm debating between the original razrs, and kenda sport radials.
im gonna have to side with the kenda em all the way around on my quad.....they dont cake up with mud as bad a hole shots...or razers....and they surly be the old turf tamers
Why mx? They're a few pounds lighter than standard razrs maybe, but wear out very quick and the puncture resistance stinks.

Just for the mx track. I havnt made my mind up but havnt heard any real reason why I shouldnt get rarz tires. Only excuse ive heard is that they are holeshot wannabes. Well if they are as good as holeshots and cheaper, then why not get them?
Why mx? They're a few pounds lighter than standard razrs maybe, but wear out very quick and the puncture resistance stinks.

Im gonna take a wild guess and say hes going to use them for mx
What size are you guys with the Maxxis tires buying for the rear? I noticed that they don't sell a 21-10-8 in the Maxxis Razr's. 20-11-8 is about the closest as I could see.
Go with 18's for MX
20's for typical trail riding
22's if you have some really rough trails or deep mudholes (dont get 22's on a stock quad)
my klaws are 18x10.5 8 what are all of the sizes that i can use? i need to know because i am buying a set of razr's, a set of klaws, and a set of turf tamers could u also tell me which one stands for the rim size, and what the other ones stand for thanks very much .
my rear klaws r 20-11-8............
1st # is the height
2nd # is the width
3rd # is the rim size
thank you very much i was hoping to order them tonight becuz i have a lot of races up north with friends and i need all the help i can get.
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is klaws tires good for rocks and trail riding?? i usely ride thru trails to get in the sand plantin...
do you know of any tires that can last short trips on the pavement and be good on the trail. My stock holeshots just get torn up on quick trips across pavement.
kenda klaws are good tires for short trips across the roads, i ride on the roads sometimes and i have never found a rip or tear on my tires.