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Nov 28, 2020
Hello All,

I just picked up my first Blaster for my oldest son. It is a pretty beat up 2002. I am planning on doing a full and compete build on this one. I am hoping to have it done for the spring. I have attached some pic's of what I am starting with. I am hoping you all can help guide me on some of the things I am looking to do and the best place to source parts. I've been browsing the site for a few weeks but there is so much info, I figured it would be easier to ask some questions directly.

1. I was told it has a big bore kit, 'll figure it out once it is apart.
2. It has an FMF Fatty and silencer.
3. It came with ITP Aluminum wheels.
4. Frame looks solid.
5. It ran, shifted prior to the tear down two days ago.

1. Sounds like there is piston slap.
2. Plastics are mostly garbage.
3. One front wheel is bent.
4. Looks like it has been apart and back together a bunch. (not correctly either)

I am planning on doing the following over the next few months:

1. Strip the bike completely. (almost done with this part) Going to sand blast the frame, a-arms and swing arm. Then off to powder coating. (should be done this week) Even if I
side 2.jpg
seat off.jpg
top down view.jpg
frnt plastic off.jpg
front on stand.jpg
partial tear down.jpg
don't use the a-arms and swing arm I figured they would be worth more to someone all cleaned up.

2. The engine is going to be torn apart and inspected. Replace any damaged parts. If all is good new piston and rings (For now). For this part, I have a few questions. I was considering doing a WR top end conversion but am not sure if it is worth the time and effort. Looking for opinions on whether the big bore is enough or if the WR really makes that much more HP & Torque.

3. Looking to convert the drums to hydro's. I cannot find front spindles unless I purchase new. I reached out to Ken O'Conner and that was what he suggested. I am more than happy to do that, but if I could find a used set somewhere I could save a few bucks to put towards other things. Seems like only new or used work (OEM,420 or KOR) easily without too much modifying. The rear looks super simple to convert to hydro.

4. A-Arms & Swing Arm. I was looking at the Alba A-arms, any thoughts? Not sure if these are any better than the stock or am I wasting my time? I would like to extend the swing arm. I'm not sure how far to extend it. I am building this for my 12 year old, but I would like it to last him and not have it be super tippy. Plan on building this for him to use on a local track and on our property upstate NY.

5. Shocks: Any opinions? Not looking to break the bank right away, are banshee or 400ex shocks an upgrade, or do I just save up for fox/elka?

6. All bearings and bushings will be replaced.

7. New rim and tires. Any suggestions? trail/track riding Also, not sure if you can tell by the image what the rims are but having a hard time finding a new ITP to match it. I thought is was an ITP A6 10x5 4/156.

I think that's enough for now, let's see how far I actually get on this one. Thanks in advance for everyone's feedback. You all seem like you have a solid community of riders that have built some really cool Blasters!
Looks like a fun project..
I would put the 400ex rear shock on it. Way better ride quality over stock. Plus you will already have it off. Used on egay for cheap.
Just need the bushing kit for the top which
Ken oconner racing makes. It's cheap and drill bottom mount hole on shock to accept the factory blaster 12mm bolt
If it is A big bore from vitos performance like most now then parts can be found there
Or. At ken occoner
Looks like it needs a piston and either a bore or new jug. Its scored pretty bad. Can't believe it still ran like this. :D

Anyways, it's now completely stripped. Less the rear shock. For some reason I can't get it out. Took today off to try and wrap it up.

I'll put aluminum tape on the VIN but going to have it blasted. Can't get paint stripper anymore. EPA banned Methylene Chloride for anyone other than industrial use.

Quick question, I know I read on here somewhere that the frame should have gussets installed. I couldn't find any pic's of it done though. I plan on installing them prior to powder coating though so any insight would be appreciated. I.e. size and thickness of the gussets and also, does anyone know what type of steel the frame is made of? I assume it's just mild steel. Anyways 'll post pics of the frame once the gussets are done and once it's back from powder.
There should be some #'s on top of the piston. Like 66.00 is the stock bore. Bore will go up to 68.00mm on stock cylinder.
Thanks for the info Slydog! I just got home from a work trip and looked. It says 65.94 so I assume that its a stock piston then. Hoping this weekend to rip the engine completely apart to inspect the internals. Want to make sure that there isn't any other damage.

Holy sh*t a zip file for laser cutting, that's huge. Going to find someone to do that this week or next. Thanks for that thread.

Colorway ideas: Candy Orange frame, handlebars and maybe the suspension pieces. Polish the rims up nice. Have a few customers that do rim repair so they have machines that can do it pretty quick. The engine I figured either black or polished. I love how polished parts look, but i hate the maintenance aspect of it. The plastics im still not sure was thinking gray, but I'm open to ideas. I have to see whats available for plastics. Not fond of paint on them, so going to have to see whats available.
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Things going to look sweet.
Bore it. And new piston
Hows the crank. And rod looking.?
I wouldn’t go with Alba a arms if it will be aggressively rode. Some people have had them fail from jumping their quads. Full flight just started making arms for the blaster and American star has been for a while. If they don’t fit the budget, have someone build you some from 4130 chromoly.
I'll let you know this weekend when I get it torn down. I'll post u p some picks once it's torn down.

With reference to the a arms, thanks for the information. I'll look at both options you posted. I could probably have a shop fab some up as well but getting the geometry right might be a problem. Thanks for the info. I'll let you know what path I go with on them for sure.
So I was just looking between the full flight and the Am, looks like the full flight accept banshee spindles which seems to be a +. They are cheaper than buying oem blaster spindles for the hydro co version. Is there anyone that can tell me if there is a reason that the Am would be better? Just curious.

Also, I know you can break the bank on shocks. Thoughts for the front? The Elka seem super expensive for front shocks. If you all think that's the best choice I'm not opposed, just will take a little longer to order them up. God I am horrible at budgeting for projects like this . Wife is going to kill me.
Lol, I feel ya with the budget thing. I believe there is a version of the american star arms that accept the banshee spindles, too. Something with the heim joints and ball joints.

for front shocks you can use yfz shocks with long travel arms, which are fairly affordable.
So today I got half of the case apart. Clutch basket out, gears off, shift shaft out.

Looking like I'm going to at minimum need a new case. Oil bolt has a helicoil in it for the threads and the case has a hair line fracture where that is.

What puller do you use to take the stator out? Everything i have is for cars and too big. Just want to completely disassemble so I can take inventory of what's good and what's not.

Is it worth it to have someone TIG it back together then retap the hole or just look for a replacement case?

Have to say, though I'm pissed it's busted, I am having fun taking it apart. I love how simple everything is on these. I'll post pics later from my laptop. Having a hard time uploading them directly from my phone.
Flywheel puller for a blaster.will work on alot of other bikes also. Its a must have tool. Tusk. Motion pro and others make them. They are an easy engine to work on . might want to get a crank puller/pusher also to pull crank into bearings