this blows!


Mar 26, 2007
hmm i wake up got a weird feeling in my ear and i bearly can hear anything!
i set up an appointment the doctor checks my ears then he puts me in a soundproof room and presses buttons that make noise and i could not hear the stuff that i used to hear............. then finally he brings a dude back that knows how to figure ear stuff out the dude checks my ears and finds out i just lost almost all of my hearing. he thinks from sickness or something

they say my hearing will not come back so F**K!
Hate to hear that man. Hopefully it's just an ear infection?? i know when i have a ear infection i can't hear sh*t for like a week.
they don't think its ear infection....... but they are saying it looks like i won't get the hearing back
Dang, I'm sorry, do they know what sickness it's from or it's reversible at all? WOW
can you here me now? haha sorry i had to say it...that sucks man
That is one of the worst things to be notified of. No joke.
Losing your senses, especially hearing or vision, is the worst possible thing to happen, IMHO.

I am very sorry to hear that the dox think you are losing your hearing capabilities. Is there anything you can suggest to us so that we can try to prevent the same from happening? Was there any sign that your hearing was beginning to get weak? Do you own an iPod?

Again, I'm sorry to hear the terrible news, buddy.
Good luck with everything and be sure to keep us posted...
i used to own an ipod until someone stole it...
no there were no signs i felt fine when i went to sleep, when i woke up i could only hear a little.
sorry to hear...if they can do surgery so a deaf person can hear why not you?
it costes money. i'm gonna have to live with this. right now i'm learning to read closed caption lol! closed caption is this smallbback box at the bottom of the tv screen and it has words that say excactly what the people are saying
my parents are really worried i might have to learn lip reading so i understand people lip reading is hard to discribe. an audioalogist checked my ears and just told me it won't come back.. i'm trying to get used to it already but its hard
i know the doctors are wrong alot but it never hurts to try and get used to it
the doctors and audioalogist are almost 100% sure though