Shifter Fix


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Apr 1, 2007
I screwed up my shifter via kicking it due to anger. Does anyone know how to easily fix this? If not, don't post unless it's valuable and has to do with the shifter not working properly.

I have to hit it up harder than usual. There's the problem and if I don't kick it up hard enough, it goes to neutral.
The shifter had to have bent at least a little.
Should I get a new one? How hard is the install?
Thx dude.
i think you should get a new one,maybe even better it should not be hard to install unless you broke something else. follow the shifting rod that leads to the engine and see if there is a bend
If the shifter is the only thing bent, its an easy fix. 1 bolt on the shaft and your good to go.
Did you kick it in towards the center, or downwards like when you downshift? If you kicked it inwards, just bend it back or replace it. If you kicked it down, umm, probably not good news because transmissions don't stand up well to that kind of abuse.
Fortunately I kicked it inward. I'll try bending it before I replace it. Thanks, yet again :D