89 Blaster oil leak from bottom of crank case near drain plug.


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Apr 12, 2023
I bought this blaster a couple months ago it ran and drove fine, I took it on about 20 miles of hard trails and half of the bolts cam off the clutch basket case and caused the gasket to blow out. Along with this the motor ran erratically, it would rev up high and start glow plugging I fixed the gasket and installed new bolt hardware and it still ran erratically. I the clutch also stopped working the whole quad moves when I kick it over in gear even with the clutch in. I think that the clutch disks worn down from driving with really low transmission oil. After I noticed the bottom of the crank case where the 2 sides meet right behind the drain plug. I was wondering if it’s possible for me to seal it without completely rebuilding the entire motor. I know it’s not hard to take apart I just don’t have the time. I had originally thought of jb weld it and put it in facebook marketplace but I just wanna know your thoughts. Thanks!
Dont jb weld it. Needs to be taken apart and properly fixed. Jb welding what you can see will just cause more problems later and you would be screwing the next guy on fb.. sounds like case may be cracked or main seal.running lean. One of mine did that and was cracked inside between balance shaft and crank case. Couldn’t see it until split cases. If u jb weld it then you or someone else probly wont be able to get it apart to fix it right
There is a mark on the case to line you clutch arm up with for proper adjustment setting. Id start there. Adjust the center clutch push rod to set that. Then adjust your cable at hand lever. Adjust cable until tight then back it off till you have just a little play where the lever will jitter around on it own.
You could try re-torque the case screws. Best thing is to do a leak down test. The erratic running is most likely from an air leak.
The thing about screwing someone is it will come back to get you