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  • sorry bro, you must have missed it, but we had a huge blowout here over the BHQ sh*t, i deleted that thread,
    leave the BHQ stuff over on BHQ

    cool beans :) ur welcome! hope you enjoy it as much as I did! I need to find one I can make work with my cruiser and that one didn't seem to be it lol

    aloha, Tom
    voting is open
    yeah, just broke down yesterday lmfao. air cooled motor with ported top end, pvl ignition pipe, 28mm koso carb... not sure what all went, the carb float is jacked it was pooring out fuel, the clutch had a full slip problem, the motor is all jacked too lol. gotta check compression and open the clutch and try to fix the carb... glad I fixed the LT80 so at least the kid has something to ride for now.. I have another block with a 3mm stroker crank that had a 53 or 54mm top end but I want to go thru it and build it up. air cooled also.
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