Momma rides!!!


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Oct 29, 2007
May have even hit second gear=))

Anyway she had a smile so maybe buying all this sh*t wasn't a sin after all....

Awesome! i tought m ygirlfriend how to ride dirtbike 4 years ago and she ran me over! so consider yourself damn lucky lmao

i told her to let off the gas to shift, and she goes to shift, and doesnt let off and she got nervous from the small jolt and suddenly shot foreward since she was nervous, she gunned it and nailed me...and i was standing NOWHERE near where she was supposed to go

and no matter what they say man...buying sh*t isn't bad! (for us :p)
lol, lady can be stupid soemtimes exspecially if they are driving something with hp and wheels
lol, yeah, she drives her car like a bat outta hell though, (EVEN FASTER THAN ME :O :O :O, which is pretty damn bad lol..) but yeah, she'd only driven a fully auto b4, so eh..hell, getting run over is a fun experience :D
Ha.. i think i have you al beat.. I had my GF riding my blasters the 1st time i took her out.. and i had her putting around on my friends z400.. But after i hoped on the z400 and took her for a ride she was screaming to let her off... Now on the other hand.. one time when i didnt have my liscence ( go figure ) She raced a Porshce carrera Turbo! In my Turbocharged VW VR6 (400whp street car ) and beat the cararea!! haha talk about an exprience ill never forget... I wish i could have been driving to pull that W.. haha

All in all though, Chicks driving\ riding big boy toys is + in my book ;)
My gf rolled my blaster. She tried climbing a hill her first time on the blaster and stalled it. She didn't pull in the clutch and went end for end down the friken hill. She got really pissed when i ran over and made sure the blaster was ok first, lol. She only scratched the fresh paint and bent the bars though, shes better now...kinda.