New here. 2004 blaster has been sitting


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Apr 21, 2024
hey all,
I am new here but have some questions and figured this is the best place to look/find the answers. I have had a 2004 blaster for like 15 years now. Unfortunately life happens and it has been sitting for about 10 years. It is seized up and the kick starter won’t even move. My question is am I better off buying a complete replacement/rebuilt engine for it? Or should I buy a kit and rebuild it? I am pretty handy and think I could figure it out especially with all the videos that exist out there. Just don’t want to get in over my head and waste time and money and end up with my blaster in pieces. I’m basically just looking for any advice on where to start and what to spend my money on? Thanks everyone
It will always be cheaper to rebuild your engine if you can do the work yourself. An engine that has sat a decade can seize for several reasons, piston/cylinder seized, lower rod bearing seized, crank bearings seized, any or all of those.

We it me, I would probably take it down to bare crankcases, replace the cranks and counterbalancer bearings and check the crank itself (lower rod bearing) closely for any sign of corrosion. If any at all I would have the crank rebuilt by Ken O'Connor Racing.

If the cylinder is corroded and the piston seized, I would have it bored and replace the piston.

In a nutshell, you will need to do some exploratory surgery to see what's what and what needs to be addressed.