Yamaha Blaster cutting out


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Jun 7, 2024
Hello, I am new to Yamaha blasters and am having issues.
This bike will start but won’t idle and will rev but when into the high rpm’s it cuts out and makes sort of a clinking noise everyone once in a while. Carb is clean and has stock jets. It passed a leak down test. Tors and oil injection are deleted. Thr stator is a china one and am wondering if that’s the issue and it’s not firing right and making the clank I’m hearing. I also don’t know what it should be set at either. Any help is appreciated.
Hmm...what's your plug looking like?
I found part of the issue. The guy I got this quad from had no idea what he was doing. He connected random wires. There is a yellow/red wire he had spliced to a red/white wire. I took it off and now it acts like the tors system is active. I look at the diagram and it showed the wire went to the light. It comes off the stator to the rectifier then from the rectifier to an open wire. I’m not sure what it connects to.
Wires coming from the output side of the rectifier/regulator should only power 12v accessories. In the case of the Blaster, that will only be the lights.