How To Shave Your Fenders (ATV)


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Apr 1, 2007
One popular topic in the ATV forums happened to be fender shaving. Fender shaving is where you cut your fenders for a new and improved look. How To Shave Your Fenders:

Read all steps before starting on this project.
Supplies Required:

* Cleaning Materials
* Highlighter
* Electrical Tape
* Jig Saw
* Sand Paper (Coarse and Fine Grits)
* Lighter

Step 1
Clean and wash your ATV, preferably with a pressure washer. Be sure to get ride of the mud, dirt, leaves, etc that may be on your quad (ATV).

After you have washed and cleaned your ATV, dry it off thoroughly. Once dried, use plastic cleaner or polish, such as:

* Meguiar?s? Deep Crystal? System Polish (A+ product)
* Armor All? Ultra Ultimate Clean Protectant

and wipe down the plastic. This makes it look good! You may use scratch remover FIRST, if you wish to. Be sure to finish with a nice wipe down with a dry microfiber or 100% cotton towel.

Step 2
Upon cleaning, use a marking tool (such as a highlighter) and draw the lines where you wish to trim/shave your fenders. See attached image for ideas and examples.

Now place electrical tape on the lines you have drawn. This is the time to be positive that the lines are lined up properly on both sides. Be sure you are happy with the look before you start cutting.

Step 3
Now use a jig saw to cut the plastic. It is recommended that you leave the plastic on your ATV while cutting. Don?t take it off because it may be harder to cut.

Cut along the electrical tape with the jig saw. The cutting may be a little messy, but that can be fixed in a bit. If there are waves, trim them off. Repeat as necessary.

Step 4
Now that you have shaved the fenders, it?s time you detail the cuts. Remove any tape and get your coarse sandpaper (100 grit or so) and sand the rough edges. After sanding the rough edges, use your fine sandpaper (1,000 grit or so) and sand the edges to a smoother finish. You may see white or discoloration where you have sanded, but don?t worry?

To give your quad that factory-finish look, grab your lighter and go over the edges lightly. Repeat as necessary. This will remove the white, or discolored, spots and provide a nice finish.

That?s it! You?re done!
People shave their fenders for the looks. Some believe it looks better having them shaved, but you can also expect to get dirty faster, especially when riding in mud.

Here's that image I promised:
Nice post I am thinking about doing this while my blaster isnt running. I dont have anything better to do lol
nice post, anyone have any design pics that wont take too much off so i can still stay clean while trail riding?
i have a few design where i take off the front piece but im not sure i like it so just wondering if anyone else has tried to not go for a full race fender.
lol well on my bike i just removed the front fenders completely and i like that look didnt even have to clean them :)
here are my race cut fenders....

yeaa you still get dirty.... the tires stick out too far :-D i love geting muddy though i went riding up in middletown pa this past weekend at an old mining place with some sweet ( and sick) hill climbs!
Well, here is my cut. I didn't do much just wanted a more aggressive look. In the low res pic they look jagged but are actually rounded and very straight.


Here is the excess i cut off.