New from AZ, just bought a 92 blaster!

Alina Taylor

New Member
Jan 10, 2024
Hi! Just bought a chopped up 92 blaster, have some plans for it to slowly work towards. I’ve wanted to get me a blaster for like 6/7 years now (had a 2005 can am ds90 before), I’m super excited! This will be my first bike that’s mine solely.
front fenders are chopped off completely, back fenders are cut up and spray painted badly, no heel guards, and a “custom” hood vent that is also ugly lol. First step is to take all spray paint off, then start getting plastics. Not sure what colors to go for though :)
Welcome! I bought a torn down blaster like 10 years ago and still haven't made much progress on it lol. Hopefully you have more motivation that I have. If you're on Facebook, consider joining a group called 'Yamaha Blaster Restoration, Advice, and Parts'. I just joined as well, it seems to be the most active FB group pertaining to these ATV's.

As for colors, if you're considering repainting the frame and plan to powdercoat rather than spray paint, order some test swatches from Prismatic Powders to get a good idea of what the color would look like in person, in the sun, etc.. The fenders will probably be the harder pieces to come across these days but that FB group would be where I'd start looking.

Thanks for the tip! I hardly ever use Facebook at all so it never occurred to me haha.
I just finished painting everything until I get new plastics, looks much much better. Also ordered a new air filter (old one was nasty) and the right front grill/hood instead of aftermarket. She’s coming together :)