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  • hey brother how have you been? Yeah its been nuts around here... Landon sold his YFZ (I could kick him for that), and bought a KTM 250sx bike. I have ridden once this year, and have not had time to ride again. Great to hear things are going well bud! Things are the same here besides that little update..
    Man Im glad to hear you got her close to running ! Let me know when you are ready ! ! We need to get out and ride !
    Racing season started today, but they are racing next weekend in Battle Creek. My oven ...... well Its probably close to the condition you seen it last... Im sure ebay will have that bolt or go to and go tot he zook section... Im sure there is someone parting one out.. if you come across any honda 250r parts let me know... We are shopping for our build.
    Glad to see you are working again man ! Its about time they get some good people in that Taco Bell there. Last time there my bud didnt get his food until the rest was done eating. Even then it was screwed up.

    Man Im sorry to hear about your moms house. Its a tough time for alot of folks, and this economy is hurting everyone.

    Keep plugging away at the machine, and let me know if I can do anything to help you out.
    Hows the project John? How have you been? Miss seeing you around here like we used to... Gotta get some riding in this summer bud !
    Woohoo ! We just got an enclosed trailer ! Get that beast together and lets go riding ! Are you still working?
    dude im sure someone here will have some cases.......ebay cases are just a ripoff lol, let us know how ya make out
    i did man lol..........but the blasty i got from that con - stinkcolnlincoln...had 2 bad cases and i used the last 2 good ones that i had for my wifes blasty..........but i could send ya the 18 bad cases i have.....u could cash them in for scrap and prolly buy another whole blasty lololol.....jk man......i might have some misc, tranny parts u could have if ya need them....u trying to build something up?
    Let me know when you get one man.. I would love to get out and ride with you alot this summer...
    Lets hope bud.... Let me know when you are ready to ride this year.. Hows the job?
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