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  • vote for blaster of the month in contest section theres some nice quads to pick from
    hey man wut's up .. listen i need ur help and it's a big one .. i just bought 2001 blaster standard and i want to rebuild every thing tires exhaust system lights brakes suspension Mods Jet the Carburetor every thing i want to know from where to buy and what is the best i live in EGypt i could buy all ma stuff from US thanks man ... i owe u alot for ur help ...
    You still alive out there bro.have not seen you around in a long time.Hope all is well.Be good.
    not to far the blaster is my first quad I ride mostly 2 wheels at durhamtown highland park and prentice copper State park in tn
    Nah man i can't f*ck the exhaust anymore, I gotta f*ck my cobra sparky spark spark arrestor instead. Also i've experimented with taking the hand grips off and f*cking the handle bars... I'm too big for that.. It just hurts.
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