DIY 4 Degree Timing Advance (Pics)

Higher rpm favors less advance if any at all. Lower rpm likes the +3 +4 advance. I try and run a +2 with a stock head. The timing advance helps the burn with the ineficient chamber of the stock head.

The nice thing about this mod is you can try it and if you dont like it than adjust it to where you do.
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Nothing wrong with that. Keep us posted!

Will do, I am hoping for a good solid midrange on up hit, as I plan to move up to 20-22 inch tires. Not concerned with over Rev as much.
Then depending on how it pulls I might go to a 14t cog on the front. I ride alot of loose and slippery woods trails, low gearing (13/40 18" tires) typically means alot of spinning and shifting for me. Don't want a 4 stroker, but I don't wanna fight told hold the rear thru 4th or 5th gear. Of course tires will help alot as I am almost to the wear marks on the rear.
Best way to spend $9 and hour of my day.
Did the timing mod today, went around +3 degrees and it definitely made a difference. I haven't got to wind it out yet to see what I lost on the tip top but I don't spend alot of time there anyhow.

It also gave me a chance to clean up poor workmanship, this makes the 2nd gasket that was misinstalled and smashed or cut, third electrical connection that was weak, and I am up to about a dozen replaced screws and bolts either because of stripping or having the wrong bolt installed.
I get that it's a 14 year old bike not a vintage beamer but who wants to deal with stripped heads, bolts barely long enough for a thread to catch, or a 3 inch bolt in a 1/2 spot. Maybe I'm too picky, but even high grade bolts are cheap versus something falling apart, or being stuck on the trail with basic tools and a stripped bolt head.
This is a great mod !! If you don’t like it, just put it back. I noticed more on the bottom than the top end
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