DIY 4 Degree Timing Advance (Pics)


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Oct 4, 2007
This is from another website just thought it would be a good DIY here before the other website disappears.

#1 Unplug the connections for the stator wires behind the frame tube next to the CARB.

#2 Remove the stator cover

#3 Remove the flywheel and keyway.

#4 Mark the original stator position with a scribe as in the pic (the red line marks the stock timing location)


#5 Next remove the stator plate by removing the two mounting bolts

#6 using a scribe measure and scribe a line 3mm to the left of the mounting hole location. This will give you a 4 degree timing advance


#7 Using a round file or a grinding bit in a dremal tool widen the mounting holes 3mm to the line you just made.


#8 reinstall the stator plate and measure the marks you made in step #4 and make sure the plate can now be turned 3mm.


If you wish you can slot the stator both to the left and right so it's possible to retard the timing for custom applications!
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a timing advance gives you roughly 3hp in the mid range and adds slightly to the low end as well.
i haven't lost anything with the timing advance mod.

I have done it on my sons' stock blaster as well as my own modded blaster.
and by the radar they have both gained in the quarter mile
as well as gaining on top end.

it's an awesome mod and it only costs you around 30 minutes in time to do it.
great diy, i did it and it for free compared to buying the ricky stator plate or vitos key, so save $20-$60. what would retarding the timing do and what kind of applications???
One thing I wanted to add...there is a little metal tab that sticks out from the stator right where the wires come into the case. In my case, it is going to be necessary to grind off some of that tab to get it to clear the screw boss inside the case. Did anyone else experience this?
ok i did this mod and i put my flywheel on and tighted the bolt back up and then took it riding and about 5 mins after leaving the truck the flywheel came off. how can i make sure the flywheel is on all the way and the nut is tight enough? should i put thread lock on it?
took the side cover off and found the nut all the way off and the woodruff key sheared in half. just decided to take it to yamaha and have them zap it on cuz i dont want to go across town to get my impacts out of storage. dont know if my bike is slower or faster with this mod though lol
Man that sucks I did the same thing, It's hard to get that flywheel on tight enough. I made a pipe with two studs sticking out of it that slip into the holes on the flywheel, and used that two hold the flywheel still while I tightend the nut. and I also used Loc-tite on it not sure I that was a good Idea or not, havent tried taking it off since but I haven't sheared my woodruff key either.

Would you need to run a higher octane with this timing mod?
good how-to. i'm planning to do this exact thing to my bike this winter, might as well do it to the blaster too since i've already got the thing apart....