Plastic restoration DIY

Oct 30, 2017
Decided to post a DIY for cleaning the stains out of your plastics. Here is all you need

*can of comet cleaner
*scotch bright pads (non scratch preferred)
*hot water in a plastic container

Pretty simple DIY guys. Take your scotch pad and dip it in your container of hot water and get your plastics all wet or do I light prescribe, whichever. I chose to just wet the plastics.

Next take your Comet and sprinkle it over your plastics. You don't need to mount it on there, just enough to cover the areas (sometimes a little goes a long way)

Take your Scotch pad and scrub your plastics real good. Certain spots may require more scrubbing or more elbow grease than others. Make sure you scrub the scuffed/scratch areas real good (yes it'l clean up those spots too)

When your all done, grab a clean rag of some sort and sry everything up and if your a wax guy, give your plastics a good wax!

Keep in mind, doing this repeatedly (or the first time possibly) could possibly remove the floss from your plasics and you'l be left with a satin finish. That' fine by me cause that's not why I'm concerned lol :D

Here are some before and after to show you how good it works. Enjoy guys! :cool::D
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