Mar 23, 2013
Collegeville, PA
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HPM is hobby I created to replace parts with higher quality and unique differences and colors to more personalize our machines.

Exhaust Couplers: I started a few years ago with custom color high temp exhaust couplers because I was tired of paying the high cost for a stock part that just wouldn't hold up long. At the time I was the only one that offered different color high temp couplers for ANY machines besides ones supplied with few pipe companies which may or may not have been blue/dark green ect. since then people have hoped on the band wagon but they fall off quickly because I have done my best to stay fresh. Available in MANY colors and budgets, from single wall to 5 ply these silicone couplers hold up to keeping that exhaust connection leak free adding that custom color. Fits most atv's and dirt bikes that most commonly use 1" connection, these have been favored by banshee and blaster owners (we must love customizing more!) I also have these in other sizes for those larger pipe connections. HIGH TEMP SILICONE 5 PLY now comes in HOT PINK, BRIGHT PURPLE, LIME GREEN, YELLOW, RED, BLACK, BLUE, WHITE, TRUE ORANGE..... "CAN YOU TASTE THE RAINBOW?"

(above photo is new 5 ply line)

(above pic is my "blue dual core" installed on a banshee)

Frame Plugs: As time has gone on, I have found other things to change such as my frame plugs. I noticed that some blasters had plastic/rubberish plugs in the frames and some did not. It didn't take long to realize that these plugs fall out and water fill the frame. I found that I wanted to see more opportunities to make change. I started with a few styles in billet aluminum for the eye catcher. I than found I needed to make a budget friendly style which is when I took the most popular ones and manufacture them in cheaper polyurethane allowing for color matches to project theme colors. These serve a purpose tho, not just style. Preferably glued in so you don't loose them, they fit snug in to keep that water out and give a really custom look. styles in billet currently available are "FLUSH MOUNT" "ROAD DOMED" AND "SPIKED" and in polyurethane "SPIKED" AND "ROAD DOMED" which come in any color, most commonly popular in HOT PINK and LIME GREEN

(above pic is installed billet "Flush Mount")

(above pic is billet "SPIKED" "ROAD DOMED" "FLUSHMOUT")

(above pic of just a few of my polyurethane versions, MANY other custom colors)

Fender Plates: A while back (when I had stock plastics) I was tired of seeing those warning label plates, than if you took them off you had these holes. So I added Diamond Plate label plates to the menu. Both front fender plates.

Decals: When the hobby started to grow, I needed to brand the old cow. I played with a few ideas and came up with a cool logo that I am proud of. HPM, it does have meaning but I prefer to just simply go by HPM. They are not cheap for me to have made even in the large quantities but every time im out on a trail and see someone with one. Currently available in RED, BLUE, BLACK, PINK, PURPLE, LIME GREEN, YELLOW, ORANGE, WHITE
hpm decal stickers.jpg

HPM Future: We are, have, and will be working on more stuff. I have lots more in and under the works, lots in final stages. Due to life paths recently changing, new production agreements pending, and anything else under the sun, new releases will take time, but theirs MANYYY parts to be released


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I'll vouch for Shawn's stuff. Everything I've ever got from him is good quality, and arrives fast. Don't hesitate to get ahold of him for anything he is selling
Is this all the bling parts you make / sell? Or is there more? Thanks
I have some more and a ton in production stages (which is a slower process to release since im 100% funding it on my own as well as a very busy lifestyle). Whats listed is my current popular items. If you are looking for anything inparticular please PM me
Hey blaster fun you think you could make me a hydraulic brake cylinder conversion mount and just let me know how much in need of one really bad
We now have the shelves stocked!
These are 1/8" LOW CARBON Cold Rolled Steel weld in plates that were laser cut. Strengthen your frame and prevent the common bent frame syndrome! CDI brackets to replace the common broken bracket problem or just to add style to your build! Comes with labled parts and labled install picture diagram.
Special Thanks to @Markblaster for cdi templates

$84 (shipped) Yamaha Blaster Gusset Kit
(11 peices)
$35 (shipped) Yamaha Blaster Coil Mount Brackets
(2 peices)
$100 (shipped) Combined Kit
(gussets and CDI Brackets)
(13 peices)


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Shawn the one he is talking about for support for behind lower a arms mount is the one I was saying about that should be in kit too. Mark can you PM me dimensions on that gusset, I have 2 of Shawn's new gusset kits now, but that one would be nice too since that's where I bent my frame