We now have the shelves stocked!
These are 1/8" LOW CARBON Cold Rolled Steel weld in plates that were laser cut. Strengthen your frame and prevent the common bent frame syndrome! CDI brackets to replace the common broken bracket problem or just to add style to your build! Comes with labled parts and labled install picture diagram.
Special Thanks to @Markblaster for cdi templates
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$84 (shipped) Yamaha Blaster Gusset Kit
(11 peices)
$35 (shipped) Yamaha Blaster Coil Mount Brackets
(2 peices)
$100 (shipped) Combined Kit
(gussets and CDI Brackets)
(13 peices)
I hate to say this but copying other products is never good. That is an exact match to tarantula performance's gusset kit they made. How do I know, Cause I own one. I also gave markblaster some info on this. You guys can make your cad files all you want. When you get sued for copy rights infringement you will understand. Maybe I should go make spiked frame plugs and sell them $1 cheaper. What next? gsxr brakes for a blaster?? Sorry I would usually gives kudos for custom parts but custom and copied are 2 different things. These are copied....
@DUALSTROKE yes these are very much similar to tpr's with very slight changes. And yes copying parts is never a good idea. In this case, i have tried to contact tpr for 3 years now to ASK permission to have the rights to make them, tpr is non existant. If HPM went non existant than my copy rights would be null n void than yea im sure you could make spike frame plugs. These gussets needed to be released quick for a few guys in this race season, but I already have new sets with my own design ideas ready to be produced as well. Does someone OWN the rights to gsxr brake conversions? No they dont, thats respect to @Awk08 bc thats his thing. Listen, i fully understand but I wouldnt have done it if it would have been a problem. 3 full years has went into trying to get ahold of someone from tpr.
I've had my head mods, porting, bushings, swingarms, porting templates and crankshaft jigs copied by a bunch of people. I look at it like this. If someone wants to make a copy of one of my products, let them have at it. It's still just a copy. I don't believe that any of the aftermarket parts we've (everyone on this forum) designed and produced are safe from others making copies. All you have to do is change one dimension and bingo, it's your design. I know for a fact that Holden builds and sells 400EX bushings on E-bay. I don't lose any sleep over it. I sell more sets in a week than he sells all year and ours is a much better product. Tarmo's built several sets of frame gussets over the past few years. It's just not a part that I feel needs to be produced in large quantities and kept in stock so I don't do it.
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I also tried getting in contact with tarantula performance's with no luck as I was going to buy a kit but in the end gave up and made my kit. I'm NOT selling the kit and have been asked If I would sell a kit to a couple of people and I say no and point them to the file for them to download that I made. But yeah someone needs to make and sell the kit as no one else is.

tarantula performance's has posted on there Facebook from 2010

And there website is ummm not there.

And KOR is right I brought the 400EX bushes of eBay and they are aluminum. Might buy his ones so I can tack weld them into my frame.
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HPM is happy to finally release the Blaster Billet Aluminum Stator Covers.

-brushed look
-HPM logo

I have 2 brushed with logo left, 1 polished with logo left. Most were sent out to ppl who preordered.
HPM is now a direct distributor and stocks and sells Swing Arm Bolt caps for Blaster, Banshee and most other ATVs. The Caps are Push-On for tight snug fit and made of automotive grade plastic than coated in automotive grade chrome. Available in "DOMED" and "FLAT TOP" styles. These are available threw direct PM on here for $14 shipped for either pair.
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I had a feeling you might have one HPM that's one I gave 400exKiller your details. :) Going to message you in soon about frame plugs.
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Business must be booming....Everyone needs a set of frame plugs. Or an external bong reservoir on their blaster. Have you created your special bar pad yet? The one with a big pink cigar mounted to the bar pad so when you go riding and stop short or hit a bump you have some lip protection for yourself.
Business must be booming....Everyone needs a set of frame plugs. Or an external bong reservoir on their blaster. Have you created your p you have some lip protection for yourself.

Yea social media has me pretty busy these days. Too busy to be worrying about other people. Thanks for always having us on your mind though, makes me feel special that you always go out of your way to check up on us!
Have some stuff iv been working on since last year that im hoping to finalize soon. Sorry Mark, iv been putting in long hours the past year. Has the process delayed. Ill def update as they get wrapped up tho.
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