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    A new OHV forum that is holding a free weekly raffle for a $100. Tell them dakotademon sent you for an extra entry in the raffle.
    I originally went with the XD due to the grip safety, as I was new to handguns. It gave me that additional bit of comfort when holstering. Placing the thumb on the back of the slide while holstering deactivates the grip safety and won't allow it to fire if trigger gets snagged. When I was looking for a compact 9 i was looking at the xd9c, glock 26, and then i saw the M&P, which feels amazing in the hand. I wanted to give glock a shot but the grip angle just wasn't cutting it for me. Lots of people swear by the 1911, but i haven't been bitten by the bug yet. Can't go wrong with an XD.
    Hey, thanks. That would be a correct guess. First pistol i bought. Definitely nice, 0 malfunctions with thousands down the pipe. Lately been carrying my SW M&P 9 though. Now that winter is coming back i'll probably switch back over to the XD.
    hey man i was wondering if u could send me some pics of that lowering kit u made. i wanna lower the rear of my blaster also. u got any lowering ideas for the rear too. it be greatly appreciated. trying to putmy blaster back together and i dont wanna til i get it built up the way i want it first. thanks
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