cant figure this one out


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Aug 12, 2007
my 03' blaster is running funny.starts right up and idles fine,but when i hit the throttle it will not accelerate,it just kinda makes like a pop,pop,pop,i thought maybe timing,not sure if the timing is adjustable on blaster,please help.
Hi, I wouldn’t think that this is an ignition timing problem, unless someone has tinkered with your engine. The timing is set at the factory and it’s generally a bad idea to change it unless you know what you’re doing. I think that you should first inspect your spark plug. No matter how good the plug looks, take a small piece of sand paper and gently rub it against the side and center electrodes to clear any carbon away from the metal and then gap the plug before you put it back in. (Don’t use a wire brush to clean the plug since it can imbed metal in the insulator and short out the plug). I always spray my plugs with contact cleaner too as extra precaution.
Or you can replace the plug. Actually spark plugs don’t need to be replaced nearly as often as most people think, and I would try to use the one you have if you don’t have a spare laying around. Sometimes a dirty or fouled plug can cause hesitation during acceleration.
If that doesn’t cure the problem, you should next check your idle mixture settings. The transition from the idle (pilot) circuit to the main metering circuit may not be smooth enough, and your engine is getting bogged down as you open the carburetor slide with the throttle. If I were you, I would just play with the air screw on the carburetor until it idled smoothly and accelerates well. Just try turning the screw in slightly, then out to see which way the engine behaves better and adjust from there.
i was thinking the tors too,but do not know how to bypass it,put in new plus and still does it,if you can help me out on how to disconnect the thors the would be great,also do you thing maybe worn rings could do that,thanks