2005 blaster boggs and smokes


New Member
Apr 2, 2024
I have a 2005 Yamaha blaster 200 a few months ago went on a ride and it ran out of gas and brought it back put gas in it and it wouldnt start back i checked for spark it didnt have it so i got a new stator put that on it didnt fix the problem then i got a new cdi and coil that didn't fix it we ended up touching wires together and it got it started but its was running in reverse we got that sorted out now it goes forward but you cant give it gas and its smoking like a freight train it idles fine but when u give it gas it acts like it aint getting enough air or gas we cleaned the carb that didnt fix it mixed the gas with less oil that didnt fix it checked the air filter it wasnt dirty and now i took the stator cover off and theres oil under the flywheel i orderd the seals and im gonna replace the stator side one but if this dosent work what in the world is going on i need help